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    Camas, Washington

    If you haven’t ever visited Camas Washington I suggest you should. In this hilly part of Clark County lies a technology rich city called Camas, Washington. This town began as a paper mill town and still has the same mill to this day. Since establishing itself as a paper mill town, the city has grown a lot, as of the 2010 census there are approximately 19,620 residents and there are several large, hi-tech manufacturing industries that have been built over the years. The job growth in this town is expected to grow in the next 10 years by 39%.

    As of now Camas High School is ranked the 17th best high school in Washington State.

    Something you may not know about Camas is that it has as thriving community that is dedicated for everybody. In Camas you can walk downtown and immediately know that they care about how things are. There are beautiful flowers everywhere, the downtown is very well maintained and there are so many businesses that can cater

    any need you may have. I say this because they actually have a committee dedicated to the improvement of downtown. This committee also ensures that historical features are preserved and maintained. This committee strives to get as many people involved downtown as they can. Whether you are a local high schooler or a new business owner there is a place for you downtown.

    If you’re not into walking downtown, you can always take a drive to the hills. Camas is flooded with the most beautiful homes on the

    market and a lot of those homes on the hills have views that you cannot miss. I promise you it is worth the wait these properties are absolutely gorgeous. So come on out and visit Camas, it could be for a short time or long term that option is up to you. If you want to check out some of these homes or check out the downtown scene but aren’t quite sure. No problem! I have two links below that will help you do just that. I wish all who are reading an excellent day and check out Camas Washington, It’ll be fun. 





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