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    Eliminated VA Loan Limit

    I don’t know if you’ve heard but if you are a Veteran or an active military personnel this is some pretty great news. This year all armed forces active duty personnel and veterans have no maximum loan amount. This bill has just been proposed recently to help out veterans and military personnel be able to afford homes in higher priced areas. The client will still have to be able to qualify for the mortgage and prove that they will be able to afford the monthly 

    payments. It is also possible that lenders will place additional restrictions on these loans such as requiring higher credit scores. This bill will help give opportunities to those using a VA loan to buy the home of their dreams, with no limit there’s no need to worry about being slightly under qualified. So if you or a loved one of yours is looking to buy a home with a VA loan now is a pretty good time. For more information check out this website below.

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