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    Selling your house in this market still need a Successful STRATEGY!

    Selling your house in this market still need a Successful STRATEGY!

    Change Lives by Redefining Real Estate

    Yes this real estate market is a Hot Market, and as a person that wants to sell their house, it is a little easier, HOWEVER, To gain the highest and best price and terms for you house it’s more than what the average agent will do:

    My Wife Susan and I have been in real estate since 2006 and we have seen a lot and one thing we see repeatedly is listing agent take 3 steps to sell your house: The will Put your house on the Multiple Listing Service, Put a sign in the yard, and Hope a broker will bring them a great price and acceptable terms…… I have also seen lots of agents take picture with their Phones, yes phone have really good cameras but really? Is that the best way to do that?

    Well, in my opinion there is more to it than that: We have put together a very detailed process for you when you work with us:

    1. Prepare the Home
    2. Price the home for the market
    3. The Promise (our Promise to you on SERVICE)
    4. Custom Sing with a real live voice on the other end, not recording
    5. Put your house on two Multiple listings from Canada to Northern California
    6. Promotions
    7. Prospecting (we are looking for a buyer for your house not just waiting for another broker)
    8. Professional Negotiations (it does not start when you receive an offer it starts way before that)
    What makes Us Different

    Are you looking to sell your house in the next 2 years? Do you know what you could sell your house for in today’s market?

    We will put together a Home Evaluation and also share with you what the market is currently doing..

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